Our New Organisational Film

We started our new year with the creation of a new Organisational Film. Before we dive into what the film is all about, we must first understand a crucial point about the work we do –  namely, our decision to work within the Public School System.

At present the Akanksha Foundation’s primary focus is the “School Project”. The School Project is an initiative to partner with the government to run public schools, under the Public- Private- Partnership (PPP) model.

So the question becomes; Why are we determined to function within the Public School System?  The answer is simply that by entering the public school system, we are in a position to drive a systemic reform in Educational practices of our country.

The Public schools of a nation are a place where every child should be able to avail thier right to a quality education, no matter what their background. In India however, public schools are struggling spaces. They are mostly attended by the most under-privileged of children. These are the children who are perhaps in the greatest need of a high-quality education that will allow them to transform their lives.


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In the following film, we present our vision of a highly progressive and empowering education that we dearly hope will become standard practice in all our schools one day.


Click here to see our film





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