Akanksha and Ogilvy- a unique partnership

It was about five years ago that Akanksha struck up a unique partnership with the Ogilvy and Mather creative and marketing team. We wanted excellence and expertise to guide our communications in a way that captured the joy and the reality of our work. They wanted a way to use their innovative creativity on a cause that spoke to their very hearts.

Thus came about this partnership between Akanksha and the team at Ogilvy with Akanksha becoming a very special client for Ogilvy.

What followed were a series of the most authentic and delightful campaigns that spread the message of an excellent education as the right of every child no matter what their background. This message has been wrapped up ingeniously with joy and creativity that focuses not on pitying the hardships our children face but rather celebrating their determination and love for life.


national anthem.jpg
A for Anthem Campaign

Click on the image for the A for Anthem Campaign Video



 The Akanksha children have been our best brand ambassadors. Through the lens of a camera, we have witnessed in our students an embodiment of the confidence, skill and presentation that is emphasised upon every day in our schools and classrooms.


jon switch 1.jpg
Job Switch Campaign


Click on the image for the Job Switch Campaign


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Finally, we cannot speak of our partnership with Ogilvy without mentioning the many, many awards we have won together at the most prestigious awards in advertising – a clear result of their genius and the charm of our children.


award 1.jpg
Effie Awards we won every year from 2013 – 2017





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