Q & A with an Alumni

Meet Jessu Mandumpal. A quiet boy with an eye for beauty and a skill with the camera. Jessu is our Alumnus. He was with the Akanksha centres for over 6 years when he graduated in 2012. Like so many of our centre alumni, Jessu has found a foothold in this world that brings out his passion and takes him towards excellence. 


Q) What is your favourite memory of Akanksha?

A)My favourite memory of Akanksha is when Payal Didi ( my Akanksha class teacher)took us to Matheran and it was a two days trip. It was my first time I was out with my friends, didis and bhaiyas away from my family for Two days and a night. I had a blast in Matheran


Q) What is the most important thing you learned at Akanksha?

A)The most important thing I learned at Akanksha is believing in yourself because I feel unless and until you don’t believe in yourself, others won’t believe in you. Also, I learnt to read, write and speak in English at Akanksha centres and the most important thing I learnt at Akanksha was to ask questions if you didn’t understand anything which I was not allowed to do in my schools. That was the time actually started learning new things.


Q) When did you develop your passion for Filmmaking?

A) When I was in my second year of college I was wondering what should I do after I’m done with my graduation and also I was a part of SLP, (Service Learning Program) which is a program run by Akanksha foundation where students are exposed to different social issues. So this was the time when I started reflecting back on my life and I figured out that I was spending my most of the time watching movies. So I realised that I was really passionate about movies and stuff and wanted to something related to that. So that time I didn’t have any resources to learn filmmaking and I knew my parents cannot afford me any classes or institute to practice filmmaking but what I had was only a smartphone and a wifi connection at home. So I started googling about filmmaking and stuff on the internet and streamed multiple videos on youtube and other video streaming sites to learn the craft of filmmaking. Thanks to the creative YouTubers out there who helped me to learn filmmaking. So from there, I started practising filmmaking by working on my friend’s short films and later doing my own short films which are there on youtube on CREATIVE PHOTOPLAY youtube channel and how it all started.


Q) What did you want to become when you were at Akanksha?

A) When I was in Akanksha I really don’t know what I wanted to become, I didn’t have any goals back then but I knew that I will do something which will help me to survive in this globe. I thought I will do what my friends would do for example I will work as a civil engineer or a bank employee or a Chartered Accountant. I really had no idea what will I do in my future. I was so confused back then.


Q) Is there on Akanksha Didi or Bhaiya you remember?

A) I do remember all my didis and bhaiyas who were a big part of my life while I was in Akanksha centre and they were the core reason I completed my graduation. In fact, I’m still in touch with my all didis and bhaiyas also they few volunteers who were also a big part of my education. There are so many of them that I cannot name them all.


Q) What exactly are you doing now and what are your plans for the future?

A) I’m working as an Assistant filmmaker at Teach for India and I also works as a freelance videographer and video editor. My future plans are I want to start my own video production house where I will be making films for Corporates, NGO’s, Advertisement agencies and perhaps making feature films in coming years. I know this is a very big goal that I have for myself but I believe in me that I can achieve this in the coming years. For that, I’m building a team who will be working with me. I’m also gonna start my new youtube channel “SUPER MACHASS” where I will be posting content videos in an entertainment way because I also enjoy acting and want to develop my acting skills as well.


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