Akanksha launches a book ‘I Dream Like You’ featuring 25 alumni stories

4) Book Launch 2


On 30th April 2018, the Akanksha team launched a very special book – ‘I Dream Like You’ edited by Saker Mistri, covering the stories of 25 Akanksha alumni. It was held at the Royal Opera House and had almost a packed house of over 400 guests – a mix of all Akanksha stakeholders – donors, well-wishers, supporters, board members, school leaders, teachers, ex-team members and most importantly our alumni and their parents.

The launch was a mix of dramatic readings by prominent actors – Rahul Bose and Nandita Das, along with snippets read by our alumni, a beautiful musical performance and a dance. The evening was powered by the Akanksha alumni and everything that the audience saw and felt had been their doing. They were the stars backstage as well as onstage.

From the writers of the book, the emcee, the choreographer and dancers, the set designer and painters, the photographer, our social media writer, our backstage help, our registration and sales counters – it was all literally ‘powered’ by our alumni.

4) Book Launch 1


Testimonials and reactions to the event have been pouring in and overall it was an evening that celebrated 27 years of hard and persistent work that the organization has done through its centers and schools.

The dreams of the Alumni featured in the book are not very different from ours. Each one of them achieved success; a school principal, a poet, a police constable, a chartered accountant and a social entrepreneur. But their road was long and the hurdles were seemingly unpassable. Their voices show a maturity beyond their years and it reminds us that honesty, courage, success, and compassion are in each one of us if we are given the right opportunities to develop them.

To read more about our inspirational alumni, order your copy of the book ‘I Dream Like You’ by clicking here.



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