Relive our Annual Days from Mumbai and Pune through pictures

Well, another academic year has ended and like all previous years, we ended this year with a bang too! Our students from Mumbai and Pune were part of two breathtaking performance showcases in respective cities and they never cease to amaze us with what they can do!

Not just students but even parents and teachers were part of the showcased performances and it was a spectacle like no other. Students danced with props, performed historic plays, displayed kung-fu skills and even exhibited towering pyramids.

Beyond Boundaries was the theme for both the Annual days in Mumbai and Pune. The idea was to capture all instances where students have broken stereotypes, carved a new path for themselves and have gone beyond boundaries.

Right from girls of our schools playing football and winning competitions to a beautiful morning meeting structure in a school where students send kind thoughts to the people dearest to them and even a scintillating performance by our own Alumni; our Annual days featured them all.

Here are a few glimpses from our Annual days!



  • Iqra Siddiqui from Shindewadi and Riya Bodke from Sitaram Mills hosted the annual day in Mumbai.



  • Students from Laxmi Nagar School performed a play depicting notable life events from the life of Shivaji Maharaj. The school broke boundaries by fostering student learning with the help of a drama. This way of learning didn’t just ensure the students understood the subject but it also helped the students build confidence, enhance public speaking skills and empowered them to put up a performance on stage.



  • Building Bridges performance by DN Nagar was a depiction of the structure itself. The performance aimed to convey the impact and the effort the school was making to build meaningful relationships between parents and students. The school broke boundaries by setting up a structure which provided an avenue for parents and students to come together and share what they feel about each other.



  • Ramsha and Khasimbi from Savitribai Phule School hosted the Annual Day in Pune.



  • Students from PKGEMS exhibited core Akanksha values of excellence and teamwork through towering pyramids. The act broke boundaries by the sheer creativity, strength and the effort which went into putting up an act which was nothing short of a spectacle.



  • Special performance by our Superstar Alumni.



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