A Century in Math

Read an exclusive interview with Rohit Chauhan, a student from KCTVN School who scored a 100% in Math in the SSC exam.


 1)Rohit, tell us about your SSC examination and how does it feel to score a 100%  in Math?

I scored 94% in my board exam. I was very surprised when I saw my scores in Math. It was a very special moment especially because of Harini Didi. She wanted one of her student to score full marks in Math and I am glad I could do it. It was possible only because of her.

2) What are your plans for the future? 

I want to pursue science in 11th and 12th and I aspire to study at Fergusson College, which is a part of Deccan Education Society and Pune University.  I want to take astrophysics as my core subject and want to become a research scientist in top space research institutes like ISRO and NASA and explore the extreme ends of the world.

3) How did you prepare for your exams? What was your routine?

I realized I wasn’t able to sit for long hours to study so I prepared a schedule and made sure I followed it diligently before the exams. Even our advisory teacher Appa bhaiyya advised us the same thing. Initially, it was very difficult to stick to a schedule and but I was firm enough to see it through. My schedule was a balanced one and it had equal time for study and relaxation. I made sure I got at least 8 hours of sleep every day. When I would sit to study, I made sure my concepts were clear and only then I would deep dive into the question and answers. I kept doing it repetitively to an extent I could imagine the entire textbook in my mind. I made personal or contextual connections with difficult topics; it made it easier for me to understand them better. What helped me most was solving multiple worksheets, my teachers prepared. Solving them made me feel confident and gave me an idea as to which areas I need to work on.

 4)  Any important learning that you would like to share with your friends and students who have just entered Grade 10? 

One should not immerse themselves completely in studies. There should be time to relax. Board exams should not be considered as a great obstacle but should be treated only like a normal exam. Listen to your teachers and never compromise on your learning. There are no shortcuts. Learn from your friends and help them when they need you. Identify topics you find difficult and work hard on them. There are no shortcuts.

5) Who would you want to share the credit for your success with?

I would like to thank everyone who is a part of my life as all of them are responsible for my success. I want to thank my family for creating a conducive learning environment at home and for supporting me. I want to thank my brother for giving me some useful and essential tips. I want to thank Shalini Didi (School Leader at KCTVN) for always supporting all the students. Most importantly my old school teacher Sanket Sir. I want to thank him because he was the reason I studied in such a good school. I will always be grateful to my school and Akanksha for empowering me and enriching my life with quality education.





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