Community play hub


Wadi bunder school started a Community Play Hub with the intent to have a safe space for their students in the community where they can come together and play. The underlying intention was also to foster student and parent interaction to build healthier relationships at home and create a conducive learning environment.

The school team conducted a survey to understand pertaining issues in the community. The results depicted a dire need to have a safe space for their students to play. Due to crammed communities, students didn’t have any place to play and express themselves. They would end up becoming spectators to elder boys playing indoor games like carrom and chess in the community. Such places were fuelled by obscene language and inappropriate discussions and were a bad influence on our students.

Many times, the school students were asked to engage in sundry errands like buying alcohol or cigarettes for the adults in the community from the nearby shops. All these were signs of serious concern and the school team had to take an immediate step to prevent students from the influence of these elements in the community.

The school team called all the parents for a meeting and shared the problem that the students were facing. Parents also spoke about the fact that they had no idea where their children would be in the evening after they came back from school.

The School proposed the idea of the Community Play Hub and parents were very excited. After several discussions, parents identified a space for the hub in an abandoned factory in the community.

Abhijeet bhaiya, the social worker of the school along with art teachers and a few volunteers, cleaned the walls and painted the place. A grand inauguration was held and the local corporator, teachers, school staff, students as well as the parents were invited.

“When we pitched this idea they were sceptical but when we made it happen; parents got so happy. It was beginning. We elected community leaders and called them to the community. The ones, who were earlier sceptical, now take the initiative to explain to others how we need to have similar hubs in all communities.” Said Abhijeet bhaiya when asked about the community play hub.

When the school team pitched the idea of Community Play Hub to the parents, they were not just excited but a few of them were sceptical about the execution of the same. Nevertheless, after the successful inauguration, the same parents went to different communities and invited Community Leaders to their community to look at the Play Hubs.

“I don’t know how to play carrom but just spending time with my child and playing with him gives me so much happiness. I am so happy that our school does so much for the community. I have neighbours who go to private schools but their education is only limited to a classroom. I am so proud my child studies in an Akanksha school.”




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