Life through a Lens

Acharya Vinoba Bhave School started a Photography Club in collaboration with Abhijeet Anand, a professional photographer.

The photography club is part of the clubs program that focuses on youth development and students from grades 8 to 10 are members of the club.

In the club, students use iPads and have learnt about focus, light-shadow, perspective and creating logo’s. In addition to building on technical skills, students have also been encouraged to build entrepreneurial skills through annual photography competitions in school.

This club has provided students a unique opportunity to express themselves, collaborate, observe critically and build creativity. Currently, the club has over 25 members.


Below are photographs that were printed as postcards and shared with guests at the Akanksha Foundation gala in Hong Kong.


Clicked by Sohel Shaikh, Grade 10 student 

This is a photograph of windows in school and showcases the Blur-Focus effect.

 This picture represents the thought – Anything unique stands out in the crowd. The purple window catches our eye because it is different from the others. 




Clicked by Touhid Bholawale, Grade 11 student

 This photograph was captured to showcase composition.

 The photograph tells the story of a cycle and its journey. The journey is long and difficult, as you can see the path. The cycle is taking a little rest right now. 



Clicked by Aditya Amolekar, Grade 10 student

This photograph represents sunset through grass that shines brightly when the sun is setting. The focus of the photograph is the use of light. 

 The thought behind this photograph is that even when we are going through a difficult time in our life, we still have the opportunity to shine and be bright like the grass.



Clicked by Omkar Meshram, Grade 10 student 

This photograph showcases the use of light and captures weeds growing in the school ground.

The weeds have leaves that appear in a pattern and the student intended to capture the beauty of the weed against the light.

The students wants everyone to find beauty in all forms, in nature.


Click below to view more photographs by our students:


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