Celebrating the women of our Community

Our parents are an important stakeholder in our quest to provide excellent quality education to all our students. It is with their dedication and support we are able to empower our students to become global leaders. With a goal to empower and uplift communities, we do this with active support, collaboration and participation of our parents in various School-led initiatives around the year.

This Women’s Day, we provided an opportunity to all the mothers who are a part of the School Management Committee (SMC) to come together and celebrate the occasion. SMC members from all the 10 schools across Mumbai came together for the event.

The event was also attended by our CEO Saurabh Taneja along with all the School Leaders from Mumbai.  The event started off with Saurabh and our School Leaders sharing about their experiences with parents and students.

After this interactive session, our SMC members put up a series of performances with great eloquence and flair. They touched upon serious issues like female feticide, patriotism, domestic abuse and the importance of education.


The event garnered a massive footfall of over 250 parents and all the participants were facilitated for their heartwarming performance.

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