Engaging with our Supporters

Akanksha believes in creating platforms for our students to come forward and engage with our supporters.  This quarter one of our donors from the financial services sector reached out to us, to collaborate for an employee engagement activity. On May 29th, the Donor Relations and Alumni Support Team co-hosted an event called “I Dream Like You” at the Akanksha office space.

To commemorate 25 years of its incredible existence, The Akanksha Foundation had launched a book called “I Dream Like You” exhibiting stories of 25 of our wonderful alumni who were open to sharing their life journeys.

The event was curated with respect to this book, in such a way where the donor employees got an opportunity to interact and engage with 4 of the alumni who were featured in the book.

MasterCard 2

It was an hour session where employees were divided into a group of four with each of the alumni placed in their group and 4 current students from an Akanksha school. The groups were named after Akanksha values of Grit, Belief, Respect, and Integrity. They were then told to introduce themselves through picking up a chit which had questions like “Share one of your earliest memory” or “If you were a superman/woman what would you want to do?”. This was designed to break the traditional introduction method and take a step forward to know an aspect of a person’s life in a non serious manner.

The next session had the alumnae reading out an excerpt from their own story from the book without disclosing themselves. At the end of the story, the group was told to share one skill or value that the protagonist had displayed. Then at the end, the identity of each of the 4 alumni was revealed.

This interactive session concluded with the employees and children sharing their takeaways.

MasterCard 1.JPG

The event brought a sense of togetherness and gratitude, and overall displaying the value of being humble in life.

Donor Testimonials

“We had a wonderful time with the  kids and the Alumni. Truly inspiring and humbled. It is definitely the beginning of a new journey. Thanks to you and the Akanksha team for the amazing work.” –Sumeet Kohli


 “Thanks for the incredible evening  with the amazing students of Akanksha foundation. It was truly heartwarming & inspiring to hear their stories.” Vikas Saraogi

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