Building a leadership pipeline

In our mission to provide a quality education available to every child, we have initiated the Akanksha School Leadership Academy that aims to create visionary leaders to run excellent schools. The leadership in a school plays a pivotal role in shaping the learning and development of children. The purpose of the Akanksha Leadership Academy is to equip aspiring school leaders with the skills, competencies, and attitudes necessary to inspire and motivate a team of excellent educators, working together to provide children with a love for learning and life.

The team of aspiring leaders is grounded in the four distinct school leadership competencies like Designing a Vision, Strategic Thinking, Instructional Leadership and Developing People and Culture. The Leadership Academy runs an 11-month program which is made up of three key phases that provide immersive exposure to all areas of school leadership. These include an 8-week, concentrated residential training program, followed by the internship phase and concluded by the placement phase.


This second cohort of 11 ambitious school leaders successfully completed the first phase of the program in July. They celebrated the culmination of this rigorous and transformational journey with a presentation of their learning during the residency program. The event was themed as WOOT- Wonderful, Outstanding, On-going and Transformational, which aptly described their journey through the training program. The members of the core team, mentors and our CEO, Saurabh Taneja were present on the occasion to congratulate and motivate our aspirants.  The cohort members not only reflected on the training stint gone by, but also geared up for the next chapter of the program. In an inspirational speech, Saurabh Taneja said, “I am incredibly inspired to see the culmination of phase one of our second cohort of Leadership Academy. What a diverse cohort of Akanksha Teachers, Akanksha Alumni and Teach for India alumni! Onto great things… proud of our core team”.

The members will begin their internship phase in Akanksha schools where they will shadow and work with existing school leaders and create a comprehensive professional development program for their school.


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