The ED-venture Begins

Our teachers have always been at the heart of what we do and they play an integral role in our mission to educate and empower children.

To support our new teachers we started the academic year with ‘Edventures’ and ‘Summer School’, our in-house training and development program.


At Edventures, new teachers and staff members were introduced to the Akanksha way of learning and teaching through sessions around our organisation culture, our values, and our pedagogies. The new employees also learnt about our journey, met our alumni and got inspired by the incredible and heartfelt stories of change and transformation, shared by our school leaders.


Present at the session, our Senior Director of Schools, Pune, Jayshree Oberoi motivated the new joinees and said, “This intensive experience is like learning to swim. Throwing yourself in the water with a little bit of anxiety, yet being assured that you will get the help when needed and thoroughly enjoying the experience! I would request all new teachers to be patient and trust yourself. Keep exploring and learning!” 

Edventures, was followed by ‘Summer School’ where our teachers got the unique opportunity to implement their learnings from the training program and experience first-hand teaching in the classroom. It was designed to help teachers work on structures, routines, planning and prioritizing, and setting norms and expectations before they actually stepped into a classroom.

The enriching experience that our teachers got through these sessions have helped them gain perspective on what an excellent education means and the role that an educator and a school play in this journey.




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