US Fund Gala

The fourth Akanksha US FUND gala was held on the 10th of May, 2019 in New York to celebrate Akanksha’s work in the public school education space.

The FUND team and the Akanksha US Board members worked incredibly hard to bring together over 400  people, to celebrate Akanksha’s impact and also raise funds to support its work in India.

Our students, Prajwal Gayen and Nirjala Sharma, represented Akanksha schools at the gala. This year, we had renowned Bollywood actor Boman Irani as the Chief Guest. Boman’s fireside chat with the students, followed by a song presentation entertained the audience as well as brought Akanksha’s work to the fore and helped us raise over $800,000.

Boman at gala.jpg

It was an incredible experience for Prajwal and Nirjala who charmed the New York audience with their stories, wit, and confidence.

It was heartening to see the camaraderie between Boman Irani and the students who had the time of their lives as Boman took them for a special treat to watch a Broadway Show- Lion King. The children walked the streets of New York and experienced the joy of discovering different food stalls and were treated to a limousine ride by Boman Irani.

The highlight of the trip for Prajwal and Nirjala was a  visit to the Google office organised by a very kind US supporter. 

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