Striving to create a safe community for all students, our Social Work team from Mumbai visited the communities of all 10 schools in the city, reaching over a 1000 parents.

Every Akanksha school has a dedicated Social worker who works closely with the community and actively seeks opportunities to empower and uplift the community.


While every Akanksha school actively works towards creating a safe community for our students, our Social work team from Mumbai decided to extend this fight against Child Sexual Abuse to all children in the city.

The Social Work team decided to use theatre as a medium of communication. They communicated with the parents from extended communities through a street play titled,  ‘Theatre of the Oppressed ‘.The specialty of this form of theatre is that the audience brainstorms to devise a solution for the existing problems in the community.

Usha Devlekar, one of our parents shared, “Parents do not have enough information or knowledge about how to act in such situations and even take preventive measures. The play gave us vital information and has left us feeling empowered and now we know where we can reach out for help.”


“This is a novel approach of empowering our communities to make the correct choices. This is a way to educate parents and support them in the fight against Child Sexual Abuse. My biggest takeaway from this experience was that people want to fight the evils of the society but they just need a push and some direction.” said Sumedh Pawaskar, Social Worker at our Mahalaxmi School.

As Child Sexual Abuse is considered a taboo in most communties, parents and children rarely speak out about it in the open. This effort of our Social Work team was to give a voice to all our stakeholders and empower them to create a safe community for all children.

Many external organizations have reached out to our Social work team to conduct a similar exercise in other communities to extend our fight against Child Sexual Abuse to larger communities.

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