The Doodle for Google competition was an opportunity for our children to express their creativity through the medium of art.

The competition entailed the students interpreting the Google logo and incorporating its letters to doodle around the theme of “When I Grow Up, I Hope…”. The competition was open to all Indian resident students from grade 1 to 10 from any school in India.


A total of 177 students from Akanksha schools in both the cities participated in the contest in the month of September,2019.

The students expressed their aspirations by doodling about religious unity, a pollution free nation, the environment and a vision for a better future of the country. The teachers encouraged the students to think and draw freely and guided the students on the submission procedure of their entries to Google.


The Doodle for Google competition winners will be judged on the basis of artistic merit, theme communication and creativity shown in the doodle by the student. A total of 5 group winners and a national winner will be chosen based on a public voting system and the scores from the guest judges and Google executives.The results will be announced in the mid-week of November, 2019.


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