“I believe that storytelling sessions create a community of students with good values. It is one of the best opportunities a teacher can get to build strong connections with the children.”                                                                                                                               – Snehal Joshi, Teacher Leader at Anusuyabai Namdeo Waghere (ANW) English Medium School.

At the ANW School, students of kindergarten are taught values in a unique way. Storytelling sessions are a part of their weekly curriculum which aim to foster problem-solving skills, teamwork and other vital skills through fables and stories.


This innovative practice comprises of teachers enacting the story with the use of puppets, props or by dressing up as the characters of the tale. The teachers encourage the students to answer the questions that follow after the session or engage them in activities like role-play, drawing the interpretation of the story and many other methodologies to ensure that the students understand the underlying value taught by the way of storytelling.


This practice has been followed by the school with the aim to make learning fun and develop memory and retention skills. The practice takes inspiration from the storytelling session conducted for teachers at the monthly Professional Development session held at Akanksha.

Storytelling session is one of the many impactful practices at Akanksha that have been instrumental in empowering children and ensuring meaningful learning.


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