Teachers’ day at Akanksha is always special. Teachers are our important stakeholders and are directly involved in shaping the lives of our children.  In our quest to get excellent educators for our children, we collaborated with veteran actor Boman Irani to spread our key message of the need for quality teachers.


We curated a short, quirky film where Boman and our children beautifully communicated the purpose and message of the need for teachers. The film was shot at our K.C Thackrey Vidya Niketan school in Pune where everyone warmly welcomed the crew and Boman’s team. Boman addressed everyone in an assembly and shared his thoughts about the importance of education and the potential each child has.

The children not only had a great experience working in the film, but also showcased their best charming selves and enjoyed the presence of the celebrity actor. The film also portrays the learning of a child at Akanksha and our innovative and best practices.In order to amplify the reach, the teachers’ day special film was posted by Boman on his social media.


The video led to a considerable rise in the number of website visitors increasing traffic by three times our normal traction. We also saw famous Bollywood personalities like retweet the film on their personal twitter accounts. Our post on Facebook garnered over 100 shares. We do hope to attract the best teachers that our children deserve and are deeply grateful to the team at Ogilvy for being our amazing partners in our mission for over 7 years.

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