This year, Akanksha partnered with Standard Chartered Bank, who is one of our supporters, to educate students and alumni on effective financial management.

 The Bank organized an informative and engaging visit for our young learners to their branches and their office in Mumbai and Pune. The sessions were designed for students and alumni desirous of making banking and finance their career.


 In Mumbai, 12 students from grade 9th and 10th of D.N. Nagar Mumbai Public School visited two of the bank’s branches and were educated on the functions of the bank and financial planning. The students had a great time as they learnt the importance of concepts such as drawing a cheque, RTGS, taking a loan and transaction procedures.

 More than 25 Akanksha alumni in Pune, visited a branch and their office to gain insights on financial literacy, planning and different career opportunities in the sector. The students were educated on important aspects of daily banking. The sessions familiarised the alumni with the working of an ATM, bank lockers and additional features of a bank’s services.

Kalyani Nagar Branch Visit - 1.jpg

Standard Chartered Bank also conducted a session on investment industry in India. They educated the children on shares, debentures, bonds and interest rates which was followed by a Q&A round to answer all the questions of the students and alumni.

 The Bank named the sessions as ‘Ten Days, Million Ways’. The students got an opportunity to interact with the industry professionals who guided them at every step of their learning process.

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