The Akanksha Foundation marked its first run in Pune by partnering with India’s first and oldest marathon – The Pune International Marathon.

 More than 200 Akanksha employees and alumni collectively ran a distance of 5 kilometres on the 1st of December, 2019 to champion for the need of excellent educators for the students of Akanksha.

Every step taken towards the finish line was a step closer to a brighter future for our children. Our alumni brimmed with excitement and motivation as they took that step by running for change and holding placards with messages that communicated our purpose.


 The day commenced with a work-out session that geared up the participants for their first run. This was followed by the excitement and energy by the Akanksha team as they cheered the team to run as they waited for the ultimate countdown of starting the race.

The race began amidst much joy and motivation as Akanksha’s team joined more than 8000 participants from all over the city to spread our message of getting transformational teachers.

Around 100 alumni supported us by choosing to run for Akanksha and volunteer for the event. They assisted the authorities in the smooth flow of the run and also encouraged the participants to join Akanksha. The alumni exuded enthusiasm and joy as they ran with their distinct yellow coloured caps.


This was a great opportunity for our alumni to experiment and learn vital management skills. They also got a chance to interact with Akanksha employees which helped them to reconnect with their didis and bhaiyas. 

To support our cause, all the participants of the race wore t-shirts with Akanksha’s logo on them. They also posed for a quick photo update at our banners and photo booth and interacted with our team to know about our work.

 The day ended with our CEO, Saurabh Taneja felicitating the winners of the race and the enthusiasm of our members who shared their first experience of running for a cause.

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