Meet Yashodhara Sherkar.

She is an alumnus of K.C. Thackeray Vidya Niketan who brims with passion. Yashodhara is an ardent cyclist who trains to represent India in national and international cycling championships.

She started her Akanksha journey in grade 5. The young girl was nurtured by the teachers of K.C. Thakeray Vidya Niketan. She credits Akanksha’s teachers for making her ambitious. The school gave Yashodhara innumerable opportunities to follow her dreams.


Yashodhara’s love for cycling happened almost 7 years ago. She participated in games in standard 10th which motivated her to do better with each cycling competition. By continuously improving at every stage, she has won more than 10 competitions in cycling.

 Yashodhara recently clinched a bronze accolade in her first international cycling debut at the 13th South Asian Games, 2019 held in Nepal. She cycled in the Mountain Bike Downhill category with a timing of 3:37 minutes to achieve this feat.


However, it wasn’t a smooth ride. During the race, Yashodhara experienced a 3 feet fall on her way to the finish line. This incident injured her severely. But Yashodhara’s never-give-up spirit motivated her to get up and cycle till the very end.

Yashodhara had been training for a year to excel at the South Asian Games and see India win in the championship.

Today we see Yashodhara smiling as she proudly holds India’s flag with the gleaming bronze medal. She is currently undergoing treatment for the injury and preparing for the next national and international championships to be held in February.

 She continues to inspire many Akanksha students by riding on the road to success and imbibing the Akanksha values.


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