Meet the first dentist of Akanksha’s Alumni Group – Heena Ansari.

Sparky eyed and with an infectious wide smile, Heena exudes confidence and radiates charm like no other. Proudly displaying the title of ‘DR.’ before her name, she wears her white coat like an armour!


“I always wanted to be a doctor. It was my dream to be an MBBS doctor since my school days. Science was my favourite subject.” she says. During her studies, she became inclined towards the field of dentistry and now holds a degree in Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS).

She passed her final exam in October 2019 and got her BDS degree from Yogita Dental College in Ratnagiri.

Heena was from the first batch of Akanksha students at the KGM centre. She was a shy student but a keen learner and is academically smart. She was chosen to be a part of the ‘Learn to Lead’ program in the 5th grade. She has received scholarships throughout her academic journey, beginning from 10th grade.

Heena fondly reminisces her days at Akanksha. She says, “ My Didis have always been there for me. I am grateful for the emotional and financial support I got from Akanksha.”

Heena grew up in humble conditions with 5 siblings and her parents. Her father is a taxi driver and her mother, a homemaker. Peers and people from her community had declared her fate and wished to see her married soon after school. But Heena chose to give wings to her dream.


She now wants to pursue further studies and wants to apply for her Master’s degree. She plans to work in a hospital and practice dentistry to get some work experience.

Heena says she draws inspiration from her dad and her brother, Masrud Bhai. “They have always encouraged me to study and do well and supported me to pursue my ambitions.”

Heena shares, “I am blessed and fortunate to have got support and guidance from Akanksha. I see people from my community who have got a chance to uplift their life but they don’t take up the opportunity.”

On sharing a message with her peers and young Akanksha students, Heena says, “Nothing happens without education. It is the easiest way to success.”

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