The Akanksha Foundation Alumni Cricket tournament garnered participation from 9 teams and over 100 alumni. The event also witnessed massive footfall from our Central Staff who came to cheer for their favourite team.

 It was a day where all the stakeholders came together and had a great time playing and cheering. Our alumni hub from Mankhurd (Akanksha Titans) clinched the top spot after an intense final against the Akanksha Tigers. Our Social Worker team, as well as our Central Support Staff, participated in the cricket tournament.


 “This was the first time I was a part of the organizing committee. It was a challenging task but it allowed me the opportunity to work closely with other alumni from various hubs and schools across the network,” says Rahul, our alumni who is currently interning with the ASE team.

 The day started with a short opening address where the Alumni Support and Engagement (ASE) team shared the vision and the big goals for all our alumni. We also had our PT teacher from Wadi Bunder, Dinesh Chavan talk to all the participating teams about fair play and leadership. 


 “I actively look forward to the ASE cricket tournament. It feels great to play and spend a day with old friends rejoicing nostalgic moments from our childhood.” Says Mubashir, our alumni.

 The event turned out to be a lot more than just a Cricket tournament where Akanksha alumni across Mumbai came together to cherish old memories and spend a fun day together. 

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