As we envision to create an ecosystem of support for all our alumni to fulfill their life goals, we believe it is imperative we empower our alumni to make informed decisions along with providing timely support and guidance. Proper guidance at the right time can have a big positive shift in the life of a student. One such story is of our alumni Swapnil.

Swapnil has been a part of Akanksha for over 15 years now. He joined one of our centres when he started school. Our Alumni Support and Engagement (ASE) team is actively in touch with him even today while he is studying at National Institute of Technology Karnataka (NITK), Surathkal, one of the top 3 NITs in India.

Swapnil hails from a community in Worli and his father is the sole earner of the family and works as a peon in a private firm. While talking about the role Akanksha played in his life, Swapnil says, “Akanksha has been an important part of my life ever since then, be it to help me financially or to make important decisions about my career.

He talks highly of the support he received from the ASE team as well as the timely guidance he got from the volunteers at Akanksha centres. Having been studied in a Marathi Medium school until Grade 6. Swapnil worked relentlessly with his teachers to understand the concepts and new terminology better and sooner. The support he received at our centre helped him to cope with the transition to a new school.


“ Life at Akanksha has been the best  because of the fun times, the way my teachers taught me and the proper guidance and support I received while making important life decisions.”

Swapnil took admission in the prestigious D. G. Ruparel College after scoring a massive 95% in his Grade 10 examination. He then started preparing for the JEE exams and he didn’t just ace the exam but also fared well in the Grade 12 exam. He got a call from NIT Surathkal as well as secured a seat for the BSc course at the Ashoka University. After seeking assistance from team ASE, he decided to take admission in NITK, Surathkal.

 “This was the best decision I have made in my life. I am currently in my last (4th) year of B.Tech and will complete the degree course by May 2020. The last 3 years at NITK have been great in aspects of learning, technical ability, personality development, etc. My current CGPA is 8.51 relative to the grade scale of 10. I have recently received a placement offer from an MNC and will start working for them from July 2020.”

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