Beholding the spirit of sportsmanship

Akanksha schools celebrated their Annual Sports Day to encourage students to be physically and mentally fit. The days saw a host of creative exercises and games like Zumba, Dances, Pyramids, Hula Hoop among many others. Sports Day at Akanksha is considered to be a day of fun, frolic and fitness. Akanksha’s teachers, leaders and staff put on various acts that celebrated the talent and creativity our students portray. 

Take a look at some snapshots of our schools in action!

Matoshri Sports Day

                                            Matoshri English Medium School

LDRKEMS Sports Day

                            Late Dattoba Ramchandra Kale English Medium School 

ANWEMS Sports Day

                            Anusyabai Namdeo Waghere English Medium School

Natwar Nagar school

                                         Natwar Nagar Mumbai Public School

Laxmi nagar school

                                          Laxminagar Mumbai Public School

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