Akanksha geared up to transform and empower its students by running the TATA Mumbai Marathon and Pune International Marathon.

 Team Akanksha ran the TATA Mumbai Marathon to spread our key message to get excellent educators for all our children. The day was marked by sheer joy and enthusiasm as over 350 members of the Akanksha family were a part of the run.

It was overwhelming to see our team members from the school and central staff, our supporters and well-wishers and more importantly our alumni join us for the marathon. The marathon brought all of us together and reinstated a sense of belonging in each of us. Chants of “Ek team, Ek Akanksha” and “Teach at Akanksha, Be the CHANGE” echoed throughout the run. 

Our staunch supporter and Board member, Neel Shahani quotes, “It was the most inspirational morning. The spirit of Akanksha came alive with the city of Mumbai.” Neel was instrumental in inducting over 100 people from his apartment complex, Imperial Towers into the Akanksha family. We were also joined by passionate individuals from Onward Technologies who joined us in our quest to get excellent educators.

TATA Mumbai Marathon

Nehmat, our alumni shared how the marathon gave her the opportunity to interact with members from the central staff and she learnt so much about fundraising just talking to the team members. 

“Walking with my school team was special. The energy levels were contagious and I feel the marathon has started the year on an enthusiastic note.” Said Riddhi, our teacher from Shindewadi. 

At the marathon, we curated a ‘Run to School’ act where we all stood in lines like a school assembly and flagged off our run using a school bell. The act turned out to be a head-turner along with being a super-fun activity for all of us.

Akanksha’s presence amplified in Pune when more than 200 Akanksha employees and alumni ran the Pune International Marathon to get excellent educators for our children. 

The team members ran a distance of 5 kilometres with messages on placards to ensure that we communicate the need for transformational teachers. The members also interacted with the participants and encouraged them to support our cause.  

Pune International Marathon

The energy at the marathons was invigorating and it ignited a sense of community amongst each member of the Akanksha family. It reinstated our values of collaboration and grit and reminded us that our marathon isn’t over until we find teachers. 

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