When our parents bat for child safety

At Akanksha, we are relentlessly working towards creating a safe space for all students. This requires a lot of consistent effort coupled with grit and determination. While all our schools actively work towards ensuring the safety of all students in the community, we bring to you a special story from our Wadi Bunder School.

To spread awareness about child safety and fight child-abuse, our Wadi Bunder school team organized a cricket tournament for the fathers of 4 Akanksha schools. This tournament garnered huge support with a total of 14 teams and more than 325 fathers.


Before the tournament, the school team with the help of the parents arranged for a performance with an intention to sensitize all the participants. This performance was inspired by the ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’ project led by the Social Work team in Mumbai. The objective of the performance was to educate parents about how they can create a safe and healthy environment for their children at home. 


Siraj Shaikh, a parent, lauded this effort by the school team and stressed on the importance of child safety. 

The heartening performance was so well-received by all the parents that they had to do 2 more shows in our Abhyudaya Nagar Community.

In the end, parents pledged to make their home and community safe not just for their children but for all the children in the community.


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