Akanksha’s Teachers – Our Inspiring Heroes

10 years down the line, Akanksha students like Tanishka or Prajwal would still remember their teachers for holding their hand and guiding them towards the light during the crisis of facing a pandemic together.

At Akanksha, our teachers are the epitome of our value -‘Never Give Up’, where they adapt and reinvent with every challenge they face.

In recent times, with Coronavirus disrupting our daily activities, our teachers found ways to keep our students attuned to learning and becoming their best selves by taking their classes online and focusing even on their own skill development.

Read on to know why they inspire all of us at Akanksha.

1.Innovation :

Our teachers made the best use of technology to keep our students and parents updated with educational content by organizing classes on Google Classrooms or through WhatsApp and video lectures.

They ensured that the students received worksheets daily which went on to be checked by the teachers online with one-on-one guidance for every student. Be a part of a class as our teacher, Shubhangi Naik teaches virtually as seen below:

Shubhangi Teaching

2.Self and Skill Development :

Akanksha teachers used this time at home to come together and work on developing new skills that could ease teaching and learning in classrooms. The school members collaborated to inculcate new methods and conducted research on a child’s learning pattern. They also took a step back and re-evaluated their own teaching techniques and how they could be improved.

The teachers indulged in their me-time by exploring their hobbies and focused on activities that allowed them to be their productive selves.  

Take a look at how Savitribai Phule English Medium School ensured that its teachers read about and researched multiple opportunities for children and themselves through the resources below:

SBP-BP-Teacher Resource

3.Safety Precautions for Akanksha :

Our teachers joined hands to ensure that Akanksha’s students and parents were safe and well provided for in a difficult time. They scheduled calls to understand the needs of the families and tried to alleviate all their grievances by being their constant support at all times.

They also made informative videos on safety and even assisted the students to do the same so that they could reach out to all communities and members at Akanksha.

Watch a video made by our teacher, Arpita Ghosh here.

4.Planning for the year ahead :

The school teachers planned for the year ahead amidst the hurdles faced at this time. They are actively incorporating lesson plans and renewing their methods to teach creatively and are also ensuring that the students unleash their talent and understand what they are great at.

Akanksha has always been committed to providing excellent education to children. And we have not deterred from our commitment even during this challenging period of the lockdown. With unflinching dedication, our school teams are striving to ensure that the learning and holistic development of our students continues.

To join Akanksha’s active fight against Coronavirus, you can donate here.

Your donation can change lives. 


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