Meet the Avengers!

Meet the Avengers! Our team of superhumans from Wadi Bunder community
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Keep safe distance!
Our parents distributed grocery and essential supplies in a well-organised set-up taking utmost precautions. They set up multiple desks with a sanitizer, list of all the parents with details and social distancing circles for hassle-free pickup.
The set-up was led by the parents and was designed in a way to ensure fast, easy distribution.
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Keeping our people safe 
Sanitising the community is an imperative measure to keep our people safe! A group of 15 members of the community took this upon themselves to sanitise the entire community.
It is a daunting task with carrying the sanitising machine and manoeuvring in the community and ensuring that every corner is sanitised. It takes unprecedented courage and selflessly to go out there risking one’s health only to ensure that our community members stay safe.
We have witnessed efforts akin to our parents from Wadi Bunder School community across the Akanksha network. Stories like these reiterate our core values and make us believe that we are much stronger when we are in this, together.

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