Where there is a will, there is a way! 

When we decided to distribute essential items to our communities, Harsha didi, who chairs the SMC at Shindewadi school sprung to action. She was duly supported by Sonal Didi and Kokila didi.
Their first obstacle was to find a shop which stocked all the essential items. They couldn’t find such a shop in the community and identified 4 different shops for the same. They stood in long queues early in the morning to procure items from these shops. Harsha Didi even made kits at her own house.
All 3 of them also took up the daunting task of distributing these kits. All the parents were assigned a particular time-slot wherein they could come and collect their kits. This also made it easier to practice social distancing norms and distribute the kits.
Harsha Didi and Sonal Didi distributing kits on a footpath in Naigaon.
Where there is a will, there is a way! 
Sushma Didi who stays in Worli, took complete ownership of distributing the kits to our families there. Single-handedly, she sketched the distributing plan along with the budgeting, procuring of kits and even taking signatures of the parent who received the kits.
Sushma didi reinforces our belief that if you have the will, you will find a way.
image (1)
Kokila Didi keeping a record of the parents who received the kits. 
Our didis also distributed the readymade kits we received from external organisations to all families.
For their astounding effort and courageous deed, Area Officer (AO) Mr Arya sir called them and congratulated them for their work.
Just like our 4 didis, there are countless members of the Akanksha family who are working tirelessly to support our people in these testing times. All we have for them is utmost respect and unending gratitude.

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