SETU – A Webinar for School Leadership

The current pandemic situation has led to school closures and stringent lockdown. For students, this has resulted in a disruption in their routine and a lack of education in school. The parents and the communities are also anxious because of myriad reasons be it regarding health-care, social or financial.
Hence in these testing times, Schools can serve as levers and connect communities with parents and students. It becomes imperative for School leaders and educators to ensure the well-being of their most important stakeholders. Preempting a need to equip leaders with the ability to maintain the school community through Social and Emotional Support during this pandemic, we started a marquee program called SETU: A Webinar for School Leadership. 
This webinar series entailed 3 critical elements. 
  1. Motivation and Motivating; where leaders learned the significance of self-motivation and motivating school teams during these testing. 
  2. Maintaining a community for students through social and emotional support; highlighting strategies leaders and educators could use to support students and their socio-emotional needs.
  3.  Maintaining a community for parents through social and emotional support; analysing and understanding case studies from Akanksha teams and communities.
This webinar series has garnered great participation from School leaders across India. So far, we have impacted 150 school leaders from 20 states in the country. 
The leaders and educators engaged in extensive discussions. One most insightful discussion was around, how as educators we TOUCH lives. The below creative will provide more information on this. 
Copy of Setu Newsletter (1) (1)
Shri Deepak Mali, Education Officer, Secondary Education Board, PMC, Pune; joined us for a webinar and shared, “I congratulate The Akanksha Foundation for conducting such a splendid webinar. It was a great experience for me interacting with so many educators across the country. Each human being has socio-emotional needs, and the school leader can play a vital role in supporting these needs in this time of crisis. I look forward to more such webinars and will definitely recommend my Principals and Teachers to attend them” 
With effective presentation skills coupled with clear takeaways, 100% of the participants agreed that the webinar was informative for them and that it created an effective platform for them to interact with other educators. 
To know more about upcoming webinars, write to 
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