Akanksha’s first school turns 13!

2020 marks the year when Akanksha’s first school, K.C. Thackeray Vidya Niketan opened its gates to curious and eager students for the very first time. As the school turns 13, we look back at their legacy of nurturing and producing outstanding students every year.
Since its inception, KCTVN has been a safe haven of countless number of children who have evolved, learnt and found their voice amidst the walls of the school.
Its strong and colourful walls are supported by stronger educators who take on every challenge to make children empowered individuals right from their days of learning ABCs.
“I worked at KCTVN for almost five years. The thing I value the most about that experience, is that the school provided me with the space to experiment, make mistakes, and learn from them. Even today, seven years after I moved out of the school, I still draw from those experiences to guide me.” says Kanchan Thadani, the second Vice-Principal the school had.
Its unique teaching curriculum, programs and innovations have made learning a joyful process for its students who have proved time and again that education is the greatest investment.
The alumni of the school are also well-knitted as a family that has graduated from the school in the past.
The school has always stood by its beliefs and the spirit that it holds even today.
“KCTVN stands for children and their childhood. It’s a space where they get the respect and are heard at every point. And that’s how it will be – about the students.”
-Shalini Sachdev, KCTVN School Leader

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