Akanksha’s students continue to shine! Take a look.

Reciting Poetry with Panache

Our Sitaram school team recently organized a virtual elocution competition for K-2 children. Not confining themselves to the lockdown limits, the school teachers were determined to work for the children and carry on with events and celebrations online.

An elocution competition between grades 1st, 2nd and Sr.kg was organized with a great deal of planning, where every child got a chance to participate. Shortlisted children from each grade competed against one another. It wasn’t just the planning by teachers, but also the efforts put in by children and their parents which was noteworthy. Children were rated on parameters like voice modulation, pace, expressions and body language.

Yasmeen Shaikh, Sr.Kg teacher shares, “I felt proud to see children speaking confidently. It was an amazing experience to plan this event. All parents, children and the school team collaborated so well to make this event a great success!”

Youngest Storyteller – Meera

Our 7 year old student, Meera Patil participated in One Day, One Story campaign organized by Pratham Books. She exuded confidence and inspired many others by being the youngest storyteller in the program.

Watch her narrate her favourite story – Angry Akku with some insightful tips for all at the end.

Stay tuned to know how Akanksha is nurturing 9,300 students online.

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