A Virtual Celebration Like Never Before

2020 has undoubtedly been the year of online media. As we pack up for the year-end, taking forward 2020’s virtual lessons, Team Akanksha wrapped up things with a bang! In a unique virtual celebration, ‘EDurance 2020’, we witnessed the celebration of our teams and their endurance in education this year! Opening with the long-service awards followed by power-packed performances by Akanksha students as well as the breakdown of key Akanksha school practices & innovations, EDurance 2020 was a visual spectacle to behold!

Through this series of #Spotlight Features, we bring to you snippets of landmark events and proud moments for our Akanksha team. These snapshots provide a peek into interviews of our leadership team, conferences and webinars featuring Akanksha, platforms which honour the voices of our students as well as our topical take on what’s new in the education sector.

EDurance 2020

EDurance 2020 was a first-of-its-kind event focused on celebrating  Team Akanksha’s people and the schools’ best classroom innovations which continued to empower and enable Akanksha students throughout the challenging period of school closures and lockdown. Aligning with the theme of online education and blended learning, EDurance 2020 spanned across 3 days virtually via Zoom for the entire organisation.

Service Awards: EDurance 2020  opened with Akanksha’s annual long-service awards each day across the 3-day celebration. Nearly 100 valued members from school teams & central staff were awarded for the years they have given to Akanksha ranging from ‘20 years’, ‘15 years’ to ‘10 years’ and ‘5 years’. A celebration of our people’s achievements and commitment, the ceremony also included stellar performances by Mika Nishimura, world-renowned violinist and her Akanksha team; inspiring video stories of Akanksha alumni as well as heartwarming presentations from Akanksha alumni and board members, Mahesh & Shweta. Entirely hosted by Akanksha alumni Bebika and Om, the shining star of our Service Awards was the groundbreaking rap performances, conceptualized and written by our very own Akanksha students! Discover the fun of virtual learning with 13-year old Zohef’s rap, ‘Online Class’ on our Instagram page here

The 3-day long ceremony saw more than 500 people attending the events amidst cheer and pride for belonging to a family of passionate changemakers.

Classroom Innovations Showcase : In a novel approach to document, celebrate and share the myriad of innovative school practices that take place across the Akanksha network, EDurance 2020 demonstrated these micro-innovations via 5 unique Zoom tracks for the event. The showcase celebrated 3 unique practices on a single track each day, amounting to the demonstration of nearly 50 such innovations across the event! Centred on the best classroom techniques, practices and strategies innovated during the eight-month period of the lockdown, the showcase covered all 21 Akanksha schools. Conceived and put together by the school teams, the practices extended to the 3 core areas prioritized by Team Akanksha – (1) Academic Achievement; (2) Socio-emotional Well-being and (3) Parents & Community as Co-Educators.

Under ‘Academic Achievement’, the showcase featured practices related to holistic assessments; improving attendance in online classes through daily appreciation on Whatsapp; building reasoning & Math skills; using synchronous and asynchronous virtual platforms for teaching and many more!

For ‘Socio-emotional Well-being’, schools demonstrated the use of SEEL (Socio-Emotional & Ethical Learning) techniques in daily schooling as well as  the importance of well-being check-ins and student tracking calls. Practices ranged from mindfulness techniques, seeking circles to including ‘Thought of the Day’ in students’ daily routines and building student safety mechanisms. 

In order to stay connected with the community and parents, schools focussed on parent-child bonding exercises, platforms for parent support and parent circle time to enable ‘Parents & Community as Co-Educators’. Practices also included involving parents to boost online attendance as well as English-speaking classes for both parents & helper didis.

Apart from these areas, the showcase featured practices centred on improving the overall well-being of school teams, upskilling & training of teachers in online platforms as well as fun, artistic events such as virtual melas and digital newsletters. With approximately 100 participants for each track, the showcase was an ingenious feat celebrating the resilience and creativity of Team Akanksha!

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