Akanksha Schools Reopen!

The moment we have been waiting for is here!

Akanksha schools in Pune reopened their gates to learning after months of learning online and from home. Six of our schools have welcomed grade 9 and grade 10 students to continue learning amidst their peer groups, with safe distance at all times.

When the uncertainty of the year 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic posed a big question on the continuation of education, the teams at Akanksha came together to distribute tablets and essentials to ensure learning never stopped. The teachers also adapted and organized online classes regularly on Zoom, Edmodo and other mediums. With safety protocols in place, they can now learn at school.

With due directions and permissions, Akanksha schools reopened in the first and second week of January 2021 to educate secondary students. The other grades continue to pursue education at home under the guidance of teachers and parents.

Schools Reopened:

1. Acharya Vinobha Bhave School

2. K.C. Thackeray Vidya Niketan School

3. Late Anantrao Pawar Memorial English Medium School

4. Matoshri English Medium School

5. Pujya Kasturba Gandhi English Medium School

6. Savitri Bai Phule English Medium School

Precautions and Safety:

All schools follow directions and Statement of Purposes (SOPs) specifically created for reopening.

Our Operations team conducted opening readiness audit in schools, researched different school models, expert studies and protocols followed across the globe to come up with the Akanksha Re-Opening Plan. A detailed Google site was designed to communicate at all levels to ensure utmost safety and readiness of schools.

All the school buildings were thoroughly deep-cleaned and sanitised by professional housekeeping services. Sanitisation materials like pulse oximeters, thermal guns, pedal sanitisers etc. were provided to schools.

The staff and students ensure to maintain proximity by sitting at a distance from one another.

Akanksha Says:

Ummefarda Shaikh, a grade 10 Akanksha student is excited to be back. She says, “Our school has finally reopened and I feel glad when I see my friends and teachers today. I feel safe in school because it has taken all safety measures like social distancing, wearing masks, using sanitisers, etc.”

Jayshree Oberoi, our Senior Director of Schools, Pune shares she is hopeful that this exciting new phase will not only help with learning but will also help in being able to build positive energy, add to the resilience and bring back some of the moments everyone has been longing for this year.

There is a lot of excitement, anticipation, little bit of anxiety and overall a feeling of joy and positivity in all our schools.” expresses Jayshree.

Sadhana Rathod, an Akanksha teacher adds, “Students will benefit from coming back to school as they can easily clarify their doubts and I, as a teacher can also gauge a student’s understanding of a subject.”

The reopening of schools gives us renewed hope of transforming education for children from low-income communities and opening the doors to numerous opportunities.

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