Team Akanksha Comes Together: April Town Hall

All of Akanksha eagerly looks forward to an Akanksha Town Hall, a space where we come together, interact, learn and unlearn online.

However, end-of-the-year town halls are even more special and one such special meeting was held in April 2021 as we closed an academic year successfully.

The meeting saw more than 300 people joining in to reflect on the year gone by and plan for the next upcoming academic year.

The meeting began with grounding, meditating activities for a refreshing start followed by a poll on how Team Akanksha was coping with the times, vaccinations and betterment options.

Next, Akanksha students took over the meeting to surprise us all as they shared their reflections and thoughts on learning online, well-being and support by Akanksha. This reinstated our belief in the work we do every day.

A crucial part of the town hall was accessing the student survey that shared the highlights, challenges faced by the students and how Team Akanksha could work together to improvise on learning experiences for the children. The meeting also highlighted the innovation, organization highlights, areas of improvement that would follow in the next academic year followed by the Leadership Team at Akanksha briefing the employees on the strategy, well-being and priorities for the upcoming year.

Every Akanksha town hall is open to questions by the people who make its mission stronger every day. In this town hall too, the leaders of the organization put uncertainty at bay by reassuring its employees of what lay ahead and answering their questions one-on-one.

In the end, an impactful Akanksha video of our children transported all of us to school days where guiding students and learning from them in a classroom was an experience in itself.

The Akanksha Town Hall soon bid farewell by inspiring everyone with a new sun and newer opportunities for all.

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