Virtual Sports Day : Redefining Physical Fitness

When we think of the term ‘sports’, relay races, gymnastics and similar activities occupy our minds. But with the pandemic, activities have paused due to school closures. 

So, how do we redefine sports and physical education for children today? 

We take it online!

At Akanksha, children from Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation School redefined physical education by hosting a Virtual Sports Day. The event was themed around celebrating resilience, togetherness and the courage shown by the school during the pandemic.

The Virtual Sports Day was a culmination of competitions for a week that saw students being trained by our physical educator, Sudhakar bhaiya and being prepped for different competitions online.

Students from kindergarten to grade 4 performed the activities on recorded Zoom classes which the teachers and school staff clubbed together for the main day. Several grades participated in different competitions like Skipping, Squats, Jumping, Vrikshana and Book-Balancing competitions.

The school staff, parents and children came together to make the day successful with collective effort. Parents joined the school in making their children fit, teachers presented informative videos and students inspired everyone by congratulating and appreciating each other for their performances. 

In the end, the School Leader, Sakshi Didi shared something very valuable with the students – the skill of getting back up after failing.The pandemic tested our resilience and perseverance as we all fell into a pool of uncertainty. One can get out of the pool by bouncing back and aspiring to achieve their goals.

The Virtual Sports Day has inspired all of us at Akanksha. We hope this story inspires you to bounce back too!

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