Akanksha Takes a Shot of Hope : Vaccination Drive

This year, Akanksha’s highest priority is the health and well-being of its employees, students and their families. In line with the ethos, Akanksha recently launched a Vaccination Drive for its people and their dependents by following all protocols. 

A few weeks ago, Akanksha initiated a survey to collect data on the eligible beneficiaries and kickstart the preparation to make communities and families safe. The survey was studied carefully to understand the needs of the families and fill gaps if any.

Akanksha also raised awareness in communities and encouraged parents to take their shot of hope under the vaccination drive.

After understanding the requirements, the teams then coordinated to bring vaccines to Akanksha and make arrangements for the beneficiaries in Mumbai and Pune.  Together, over 600 of our employees, helper didis and their families and alumni availed the opportunity to make themselves safe from Covid-19.

At the venue, our teams also helped the beneficiaries with on-spot registrations and the steps ahead to get vaccinated. Once the beneficiaries were vaccinated, team Akanksha helped them download their certificate of proof online and also maintained a database of the same for easy access. 

All of Akanksha came together to manage the end to end processes and made vaccination at Akanksha a seamless process. 

Akanksha is currently working towards addressing vaccine hesitancy, building awareness in the communities and encouraging the families to take their shot of hope. To know more, visit https://www.akanksha.org/project-karuna/

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