A Very Special Teachers’ Day 2021

This year, and in this moment, it has never been more important to be a teacher. The last 2 years of the pandemic and a complete switch to online learning has thrown further light on the critical role a teacher plays in a child’s daily life. Teachers’ Day has always been special at Akanksha, but this year it means so much more. As discussions around re-opening of schools take place, it bears remembering that a teacher shapes a child’s educational journey!

This year our virtual Teacher’s Day was themed around fun and games, where we organised 11 different virtual “stalls” or Zoom tracks for our teachers to de-stress and celebrate this joyous occasion. Hosted by our Akanksha students, Mehek & Om, the event kicked off with a calming SEE learning practice led by Laxminagar Mumbai Public School’s student, Abhinav Jha. The check-in exercise posed the question ‘How are you feeling at this moment?’ to our teachers with responses ranging from ‘​​excited’, ‘happy’, to ‘thrilled’, ‘awesome’, ‘proud’,  and ‘grateful’. The entire idea behind this session was to take our teachers back to a time when they were students in the classroom. Om and Mehek gave a wonderful performance, playing the role of teachers to throw light on the fun, and often mischievous tricks played by Akanksha students in online classes. The 545 attendees also got the chance to participate in a fun round of online pictionary and Simon Says. The introduction was wrapped up with a heartwarming musical performance by an Akanksha student and a warm message from our founder, Shaheen Mistri. 

“Wishing you all a very happy teachers’ day! It has been a difficult year and you’ve just been amazing as always,” added Saurabh Taneja, our CEO as a message to celebrate Akanksha’s hardworking teachers.

Our family of teachers came together to participate in a host of engaging activities showcased via 11 distinct Zoom tracks ranging from bollywood trivia to meme tadka and even minute to win it! The winners of these games were also awarded an Amazon voucher as a sweet moment to end the day. We are grateful to our partners, TransUnion, Standard Chartered & MasterCard for hosting three of the stalls and creating an evening full of joy and laughter!

In a surprise turn for all, we had popular improv artist and comedian Rudra Iyer and his group perform a wildly entertaining improv piece for our audience. The event hosted on Friday evening, saw close to 600 teachers coming together to celebrate this joyous day!  We salute our teachers, our heroes, our angels who work tirelessly to maximise students’ potential!

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