Art Empowers Children at Akanksha

How does art empower children at Akanksha?

Art has been one of the strongest co-curricular programmes at Akanksha, and one that aims to equip children with creative expression.

Our students recently made a mark at an art competition held by R.D. & S.H. National College and SWA Science College under the guidance of teachers and teams at Art for Akanksha, Akanksha’s art wing. 10 schools with 104 children from Akanksha submitted art on the themes of:





Sakshi Chavan from grade 10 was declared the winner amongst the participants from Akanksha. She chose #HumHaiTohMumkinHain as her theme.

4 students from Akanksha were also shortlisted in Khula Aasman International Online Art Contest, a unique art competition designed to encourage creative expression.

Empowering children with the independence to think creatively and express it in an even more creative way, has helped many students inspire other students and find their calling.

At Akanksha, every child colours, paints and dreams. Visit to know more.


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