About Our Blog

This is the official blog of the Akanksha Foundation. It has been created to share the experiences and stories of the people of Akanksha. The Akanksha family is made up of students, teachers, social workers, office staff, and every kind of friend and supporter who believes in the power of education.

There is a quote by Nelson Mandela that says “education is the most powerful weapon to change the world”. We truly feel the depth of these words at Akanksha. Armed with the power of education, we witness stories of hope and of transformation in our schools and classrooms every single day.

“SCHOOL is a space sparkling with POTENTIAL, the potential to make society whatever we want it to be, to TRANSFORM our society into a space that we are proud of living in –  and it all starts in the SCHOOL and I see that potential every single day.”                                                                                                                                             – Shalini Sachdev  (Akanksha School Leader of KC Thankarey Vidya Niketan School, Pune) 

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“The future of the world is in my classroom today” -Ivan Welton Fitzwater

Now change is that strange force that starts at one point like a ripple and then grows outwards impacting all that comes in its path. If school is the starting point of that ripple, its effects must go all the way back home, and a society with a vision begins to take shape.

The parents of our students have embarked upon thier own journey of learning.  One cannot underestimate the significance of the shift in a parent, who at first believed it unnecessary to send their daughter to school, and then became the most passionate advocate for education.

While it is easy to judge, we must remember, it is very difficult indeed to penetrate ones core views and over-haul long-standing mindsets. Yet, this is what we see in the parents of our students all the time. Our parents have become the brave ambassadors of a new wave of thought among their communities, where education is valued above all.

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In this blog, we will share stories and annecdotes, news updates and everything else that delights our hearts and makes us believe in the power of education…

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