Akanksha in the News: CNBC TV18 & ET Now Feature

In recent times, teachers are wearing multiple hats to ensure the holistic and academic needs of a child are met virtually.

Many teachers who did not know the digital way are now muting, unmuting and sharing screens online with ease. They underwent training, practised and now teach multiple children virtually while taking care of the students’ emotional well-being.

All in all, teachers have been crucial to help continue learning in a time when schools were faced with closures and uncertainties of what lay ahead.

As the role of a teacher strengthens with every passing day and discussions around the re-opening of schools gain momentum, Akanksha’s CEO, Saurabh Taneja joined other top educators of India on CNBC TV18 – Get Schooled to put a spotlight on our teachers and celebrate their resilience and their passion towards making children independent.

Saurabh shared the space with Urvashi Sahni from Study Hall Educational Foundation, Shaheen Mistri from Teach for India and Marlo Philip from Tejas Asia. The panel was moderated by Shereen Bhan, Managing Editor at CNBC TV18.

Saurabh emphasised on shifting Akanksha’s goals from child impact to family impact and also shared the need to vaccinate Akanksha’s teachers and staff to help bring children back to school sooner.

One of the most important developments at Akanksha has been MaxVax, a vaccination campaign that aims to vaccinate the maximum number of people under Akanksha’s influence.

With more than 6,800 doses administered under the campaign so far, Saurabh highlighted the numbers, the efforts on the ground and the way ahead for the viewers of the discussion.

Watch the full feature here.


Akanksha was also featured on India Development Debate by ET Now, a prominent news channel that covers the nation’s most important developments. The panel was moderated by Tamanna Inamdar, Senior Editor at ET Now.

With ET Now, Saurabh shed light on the challenges faced by teachers today and how we could collectively help make teaching and learning easier.

He joined a panel of renowned educators and professionals such as Urvashi Sahni and Alpana Mallick to dig deeper into the problems faced by educators and how we all could solve them collectively.

Saurabh also shared his thoughts on how the new National Education Policy (NEP) is impacting the education landscape in these times.

Watch the full feature here.


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